Embracing Technology: The English School's Journey from Interactive Workshops to Real-World Exploration

13 Dec. 2023

Embracing Technology
Embracing Technology
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The English School recently embarked on a remarkable journey into the world of technology and innovation. Our community witnessed the convergence of enthusiasm and learning during the Tech We Can workshop on December 11th and is now gearing up for an inspiring visit to PwC's program on January 12th.

A Workshop to Remember
On December 11th, we hosted the Tech We Can workshop, a session dedicated to exploring the role of technology in education. It was heartening to see the participation of 16 parents, reinforcing the importance of community involvement in educational endeavours. The workshop, led by our dedicated CS Department, provided a platform for parents and students to dive into the possibilities and applications of technology in various fields.

Highlights from the Workshop
Parental Involvement: The enthusiastic participation of parents added a unique dimension to the workshop, fostering a collaborative environment for learning.
Student Engagement: Our students showed incredible interest in technological applications, showcasing their potential as future innovators.
Expert Insights: Our guest speakers shared their expertise, making the workshop a melting pot of ideas and inspirations.
The Road Ahead: PwC Program Visit

Building on the success of the workshop, we are excited about the upcoming visit to the Tech We Can program at PwC on January 12th. This visit is more than just a field trip; it is an opportunity for our students, particularly those in the Robotics Club, to witness the real-world application of technology in business and innovation.

What to Expect on January 12th
Real-World Learning: Students will get an exclusive look into how technology is integrated into professional environments.
Alumni Guidance: Many of PwC's team members are proud alumni of our school, offering a unique mentorship opportunity for our students.
Interactive Sessions: Engaging activities and discussions are planned to make this visit an interactive and memorable experience.

A Note of Thanks
We extend our deepest gratitude to Mr. Kamil Kutoglu and the CS Department for their unwavering commitment to providing these enriching experiences. Their dedication to fostering a love for technology and innovation among our students is commendable.

Stay Tuned
We invite our community to stay connected through our website and social media channels for updates and highlights from our January 12th visit. Together, we are nurturing the next generation of innovators and technologists.

Thank you for being a part of our journey into the future of education.


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