The English School reaches out to touch space

12 Jan. 2018

International Space Station
International Space Station
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Students in Cyprus communicating with an astronaut in space, for the first time 

For the first time in the educational history of the island, pupils from a school in Cyprus – The English School- will communicate live with a NASA astronaut, on board the International Space Station, on 23rd January 2018. The communication will be broadcast live on The English School’s Facebook Page.
This historic communication between The English School’s pupils and the astronaut, on the International Space Station, will take place in the framework of the ARISS program in which The English School is the first and only school from Cyprus to have participated.

In order for The English School to be accepted onto the pioneer ARISS Program (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station), the school’s activity has  previously been closely monitored and thoroughly evaluated by NASA for a period of one year. It is notable that the normal monitoring time is two years but The English School, thanks to its exceptional score, successfully met the different evaluation criteria in a much shorter period.

On this great day for The English School and Cyprus, The English School pupils will have the chance interact with the NASA Astronaut, and ask questions.

During this unique event, The English School has established significant partnerships with the Cyprus Amateur Radio Society and the Kition Planetarium & Observatory while Cyta, PM-ICT Solutions and Polycom will offer their specialised technical assistance. Also, Alpha Cyprus is the media sponsor for the event. The English School thanks them all on behalf of the student “adventurers” who are thrilled by this great opportunity!

Now, fasten your seatbelts. The English School is ready for take off!

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