Euromath & Euroscience Conference in Rome Success!

19 Mar. 2024

Euromath & Euroscience Conference in Rome Success!
Euromath & Euroscience Conference in Rome Success!
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We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of our school's delegation at the Euromath & Euroscience Conference held in Rome the past week! 

A team of 36 brilliant students and 4 dedicated teachers participated, showcasing their talent and intellect across various math competitions. Their exceptional ethos and presence dominated the conference, resulting in a remarkable success story with a total of 19 awards! To us, all of them are winners!

Conference Awards Highlights:
Poster Competition (4 awards):
2nd Place: - Aglaia Patsalides - Elena Potamiti
1st Place: - Elena Potamiti - Anna Rouva & Maria Michael
Group Presentation Competition (11 awards):
3rd Place: - Andrea Iacovou & Stephanie Kremmou - Sylia Andreou & Eleana Iacovou & Anna Theodorou
2nd Place: - Maria Christina Economides & Sassa Georgiou - Lina Constantinou & Filaretos Ierotheou & Alexandros Tseriotis - Garry Petrossian & Chariton Charitonos & Gerasimos Georgios Panayides - Anna Rouva & Maria Michael
1st Place: - Riana Georgiadi & Theodora Constantinou - Artemis Demetriade & Despoina Markidou & Nefeli Diaouri - Margarita Mita & Sofia Anastasi - Nicole Tornaritis & Ellen Apeyitou & Yiolanda Liveri - Ismini Gavrielides & Lia Petrou
Single Presentation Competition (3 awards):
3rd Place: - Marielena Neophytou - Andreas Anastasi
2nd Place: - Aglaia Patsalides
Math Theatre Competition (2nd place):
On Stage: - Elena Potamiti - Andreas Anastasi - Ismini Gavrielidou - Aigli Koufterou - Lia Petrou
Backstage: - Aglaia Patsalides - Maria Christina Economides - Theodora Constantinou
Teachers in Charge: - Michalis Gavrielides (Math Teacher) - Chrysovalanti Christoforidou (Math Teacher) - Lena Kasiou (Drama Teacher)
Special Thanks to: - Andreas Demetriou (Math Teacher), Elena Constantinou and Richa Tandon for their workshop on public speaking and additional presentation tips. - Anna Tellalis (SLT) and Constantina Constantinou (HOD) for their continuous support.
Congratulations to all participants for their hard work, dedication, and remarkable achievements!


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