Celebrating Tradition and Excellence: The English School Founder's Day 2023

10 Jan. 2024

Celebrating Tradition and Excellence - The English School Founder's Day 2023
Celebrating Tradition and Excellence - The English School Founder's Day 2023
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The English School commemorated its illustrious history with two separate Founder's Day ceremonies, honouring its legacy of educational excellence and community spirit. 

The day was divided into two segments, celebrating the achievements of the Lower School and the Upper School students respectively.

The Lower School's ceremony was a vibrant display of youthful talent and academic achievement, featuring performances and prize distributions. The students' enthusiasm was palpable, reflecting the school's commitment to nurturing young minds.

Following this, the Upper School's ceremony took a more solemn tone, focusing on the school's rich history and its founder, Canon Frank Darvall Newham. The event included inspiring speeches, musical interludes, and a prize-giving ceremony, recognizing the exceptional accomplishments of the Upper School students. Notable was the address by the British Deputy High Commissioner to Cyprus, adding a distinguished touch to the proceedings.

Both events exemplified The English School's ethos of 'Non sibi sed scholae' - not for oneself, but for the school. They served as a reminder of the school's mission to develop articulate, autonomous lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens.

As we look back on Founder's Day 2023, we are reminded of the school's enduring legacy and its unwavering commitment to educational excellence. The English School continues to be a beacon of learning and a source of pride for the entire community.

Download a copy of the ceremony programmes, showing the award winners:

Lower School
Upper School


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