Year 1 Students successfully participate in the Kangourou Greek Competition 2017-2018

10 Jan. 2018

Thales Foundation - Kangourou Greek Competition 2017-2018
Thales Foundation - Kangourou Greek Competition 2017-2018
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The Greek Department would like to congratulate our students for their achievements in the KANGOUROU GREEK COMPETITION 2017-2018. 

The competition is organized in Cyprus by the THALES Foundation, a member of the international association Kangourou Sans Frontieres, which coordinates the organization of the international competition with student participation in 2008-2017 exceeding 8.000.000 students from more than 52 countries. The competition is aimed at all  pupils aged 6 to 18 and promotes the harmonious development of youth using nonformal education, by stimulating creative and practical thinking,  intuition,  imagination, and the ability to select and to make decisions.
Level 7 – Bronze medal 
Kadi Zoe, 1 Jade
Tsouka Maria Anna, 1 Jade
Milios Panos, 1 Jade
Houtri Marianna, 1 White
Pastides Marios, 1 Jade
The Greek Department encourages our students to participate in a number of competitions. For more information you can follow the link to the Departmental Blog:

The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.
Howard Cosell

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