Kings & Queens of The English School Chess Tournament

15 Apr. 2024

Kings and Queens of The English School Chess Tournament
Kings and Queens of The English School Chess Tournament
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On Sunday, April 14th, The English School Nicosia proudly hosted a dynamic chess tournament, attracting 70 participants spanning from 6 to 18 years old from schools all over the island.

The event was impeccably orchestrated under the guidance of Fide Master Maria-Anna Stefanidi, a distinguished player and instructor renowned for her expertise in the game. Alongside her dedicated team from Shah Masters Chess Academy, the tournament unfolded flawlessly, earning accolades from both players and attending parents. The tournament not only showcased the emerging talent within our school community but also underscored the exceptional quality of our facilities.
Each participant emerged from the competition adorned with a medal and diploma, symbols of their dedication and skill. Noteworthy among the competitors were several students who not only participated but also distinguished themselves in their respective categories.

Pavlos Chrysostomou of 5 Green secured the 3rd position in the fiercely contested Open category, demonstrating remarkable strategic insight and resilience. Konstantinos Zambas from 6 White and Andreas Kyriakides (2 Green) exhibited admirable sportsmanship and strategic prowess throughout the tournament. Other notable participants included Konstantinos Trigkas (3 Black), Tourker Dogramadji (1 Red), Ioannis Christou (1 White), Teklos George (1 Yellow), Elpidoforos Nikolaou (1 Red) and Michaelangelos Apostolou (1 Green). Their commitment and passion for the game added to the competitive intensity of the event.

Special recognition is due to Elena Michaelides for her invaluable contributions to the organization of the tournament. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to Stelios Kyriakides, an ES parent whose connections within the Cyprus chess community enriched the event.

Behind the scenes, the ES support team worked diligently to ensure seamless logistics and immaculate facilities, enhancing the overall experience for participants and spectators alike.

As the day concluded with a sense of mutual respect and admiration among participants, we eagerly anticipate hosting more such events in the future, further fostering a culture of excellence within the chess community at the English School Nicosia.



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