Music Recital Honouring the Memory of Ioanna Skordi

21 Jun. 2023

Music Recital Honoring the Memory of Ioanna Skordi
Music Recital Honoring the Memory of Ioanna Skordi
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On May 10, 2023, a remarkable music recital took place in the Music Room, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all attendees. 

The event, dedicated to the loving memory of Ioanna Skordi, showcased the immense talent and dedication of the students participating in the Instrumental Scholarship Programme for Winds and Strings, The Junior Choir, The Junior Band, The Guitar Ensemble, and The Bassoon Ensemble. With their captivating melodies, these young musicians captivated the audience, creating an evening filled with beautiful music and heartfelt emotions.

The event was a celebration of their hard work, dedication, and passion for music. The students created an unforgettable evening through their mesmerising performances, leaving an enduring impact on everyone in attendance. The recital reminded us of the profound impact that music can have, not only in honouring the memory of loved ones but also in bringing people together through the universal language of melodies and emotions.


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