Celebrating Excellence at the English School of Nicosia: Students Shine in National Competitions

17 Jan. 2024

Celebrating Excellence at the English School of Nicosia: Students Shine in National Competitions
Celebrating Excellence at the English School of Nicosia: Students Shine in National Competitions
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We are thrilled to share some incredible news of achievement and success from our talented students at the English School of Nicosia! 

National Competition Triumph
Congratulations to the 16 students who have demonstrated exceptional prowess in the national competitions, earning well-deserved qualifications for the Cyprus' national team selection process. This achievement is commendable and reflects our students' dedication and talent.

Diversity of Accomplishments
It is remarkable to witness the diverse accomplishments across the 6 different levels, including three gold medals, one silver medal, and one bronze medal. These achievements not only showcase the individual talents of our students but also speak volumes about the high-quality education and support our School provides. 

Enrichment Program Success
Furthermore, out of the 15 students progressing for each level, we are proud to announce that 5 students from Year 1 and 6 students from Year 2 have showcased the value of the enrichment program run in our school for two consecutive years. This program has played a vital role in nurturing and honing the talents of our students.

Special Acknowledgment
A heartfelt acknowledgment goes to Mr. Demetriou for his dedication and commitment to preparing students for competitions. His unwavering support and efforts in the enrichment program exemplify a passion for academic excellence and the success of our students.

Congratulations to Our Achievers
Year 1:
• Stella Anastasi: Second Place
Commendations to: Qiran Wang, Despina Panayi, Petros Psomas, and Orestis Iacovou

Year 2:
• Sotiris Cleanthous: First Place
• Andreas Aristodemou: Second Place
Commendations to: Andreas Aristodemou, Ioannis Lambrou, Zilin Su, Aawaan Khan Bali, and Georgios Lioudakis

Year 3:
• Commendations to Anna Rouva

Year 4:
• Philippos Rouvas: First Place
Commendations to Giorgos Gavriil

Year 6 and 7:
• Ara Mahdessian: First Place
Commendations to Alexandros Liassides

To Our Exceptional Students
Your hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm for learning have brought about well-deserved success. Your achievements not only reflect your individual capabilities but also contribute to the overall excellence of the English School of Nicosia. Congratulations on this remarkable accomplishment, and best of luck in the selection process for the National team of Cyprus! 

This achievement is a testament to the dedication of our students, the unwavering support of our teachers, and the commitment to excellence that defines the English School of Nicosia. We are proud of our students' achievements and look forward to witnessing their continued success. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey to the National team of Cyprus!

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