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18 May 2017

Rajiv Hurhange
Rajiv Hurhange
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Rajiv Hurhangee (ESL13), has been offered a place in the Phi Beta Kappa Association in the USA of which 17 US presidents have been members.

In the USA there is an association called Phi Betta Kappa which is made up of the top 10% university graduates from the top 10 universities in the USA.  17 US presidents are members of this association as well as over 130 Nobel prize winners.  This is the highest academic honour at undergraduate level in the USA.
Students are usually invited to join when they are graduates in their 4th year; however, in exceptional cases, under-graduates may be offered the opportunity to become members from the 3rd year if they are exceptionally outstanding students. This has been the case with Rajiv Hurhangee (The English School, 2013), a graduate in his 3rd year, who has been invited to join this association! 
The School is delighted for him.  As his father says, “Rajiv learned to be a very independent student.  He loves his school, particularly as it gave him many opportunities and the freedom to become an independent learner along with providing him with the tools he needed to excel and this shows today being offered this prestigious membership!”
In due course, Rajiv will attend the welcoming ceremony.  We wish him the very best!

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