Celebrating Student Excellence at The English School of Nicosia!

13 Dec. 2023

Regional Competition in Mathematics
Regional Competition in Mathematics
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Remarkable Achievements in Regional Competitions!

The English School of Nicosia is bursting with pride as we announce the outstanding achievements of our students in the recent Regional competitions. A staggering 28 of our talented students have participated and excelled, securing their places in the upcoming Nationals.

Our students displayed exceptional talent and dedication, clinching first place in 4 out of 6-year groups! This is a testament to their hard work and our school's high standard of education.

Special Congratulations to Our Outstanding Students!

Year 1 Achievers:

  • Siddharth Raja (1W): First Place
  • Stella Anastasi (1J): Third Place
  • Commendations to Despina Panayi, Georgios Giannopoulos, Novak Simon Vujanovic, Petros Psomas, Antonis Michaelides, Qiran Wang, Andreas Savva, Orestis Iacovou, and Maria-Elli Kouloumbri.

Year 2 Stars:
  • Andreas Aristodemou (2J): First Place
  • Commendations to Sotiris Cleanthous, Aawaan Khan Bali, Zilin Su, Ioannis Lambrou, Antreas Katsambas, and Georgios Lioudakis.

Year 3 Pride:
  • Marielena Neophytou (3Y): Third Place
  • Commendation to Anna Rouva.

Year 4 Talents:
  • Philippos Rouvas (4B): First Place
  • Commendations to Giorgos Gavriil and Tianyi Hu.

Year 5 Recognition:
Commendation to Michalis Psomas.

Year 6 and Year 7 Leaders:
  • Ara Mahdessian (6W): First Place
  • Commendations to Alexandros Liassides, Jingjing (Deanna) Peng, and Kyriacos Rouvas.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Andreas Demetriou, our esteemed Math teacher, for his invaluable guidance and support through the Enrichment Program and Mathletes Club.

Best Wishes for the Nationals!
With the Nationals scheduled for December 16th, the excitement is palpable. Our school community eagerly anticipates this event, ready to support our students as they represent our school's excellence on this grand stage. We are confident that our students will shine brightly, demonstrating their remarkable skills and bringing pride to The English School of Nicosia.

Go and make us proud!

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