VEEMA - Kick Start Study Skills and Revision workshops

16 Mar. 2017

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Revision workshops especially designed for: Year 3 students, entitled ‘Kick-Start Study Skills’ and Years 5-7 students, entitled 'Masterclass 2017: Revise to Maximise'.  Registrations now open. Deadline 29th March 2017

Veema Education, a UK based educational consultancy firm (, is working with us to offer a student masterclass designed specifically for Year 3 students, entitled ‘Kick-Start Study Skills’ and Years 5-7 students, entitled 'Masterclass 2017: Revise to Maximise'

What does this masterclass involve?
For our Year 3 the Kick Start Revision skills offers them: 

  • Effective strategies for processing information — including memory games that help build brainpower.
  • Reflecting with students on how they currently study — what works for them and why and how we could improve the way they approach independent study time.
  • What revision methods do not work and why they are not effective.
  • Growth mindset — the importance of students developing a growth mindset attitude towards learning.
  • Activities include areas such as: personal, learning and thinking skills, independent enquirers,team workers,creative thinkers,self managers,reflective learners,effective participators etc.
As for our Years 5 to 7 

This Masterclass is a good way to kick-start a student’s revision for the GCE examinations. It teaches useful memory skills and methods for processing information to make revision simpler and also helps students learn how the human mind works and how we process information. Students will be encouraged to set themselves realistic goals for studying for exams and to map out effective revision plans. The skills learned in this session are designed to improve exam performance, raise confidence levels and enable students to approach revision in a positive manner.

Workshop Dates:
Years 3: Tuesday, 4th April 2017 in the School Hall
Years 5-7: Monday, 3rd April 2017 in the School Hall

Times to be confirmed.
  • To acquire important strategies and techniques for exam success
  • To enable students to properly plan and personalise learning and revision
  • To develop time management and organisational skills
Projected outcomes:

Year 3:
Students will leave the Kick-Start Study Skills Masterlass:
  • Feeling confident in using 'the seven habits of an effective learner' - when in the classroom or studying independently
  • With examples of a ‘growth mind-set’ attitude and how the brain works best when learning
  • Better informed about how to effectively plan their revision for their upcoming exams
Years 5 - 7
  • Improvements in memory and learning skills
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Learning about new cognitive skills for processing information more effectively
  • Experiencing a range of methods that can boost exam performance
If you are interested in participating, click here
Complete the online registration form, print off the payment slip and submit the cost of participation €30 by 29th March 2017 to Ms. Argyro Protopapa in Accounts.
Please also note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


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