Triumph and Teamwork: Our School's Proud Presence at the 25th March Nicosia Parade

30 Mar. 2024

School's Proud Presence at the 25th March Nicosia Parade
School's Proud Presence at the 25th March Nicosia Parade
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We are delighted to share the spirited involvement of The English School's Parade Team in the recent 25th March Schools Parade held in the heart of Nicosia. Last Monday, the city centre's streets were filled with our students' energy and pride, marching in step and representing our school's legacy and community spirit.

Despite the challenges of a tight schedule right after a demanding exam period, our seasoned Parade Team members resumed their commitment with remarkable dedication. They were joined by fresh enthusiasm from the 7th and 5th Form students, who quickly rose to the occasion, mastering the routines with impressive zeal.

This year, our team proudly comprised 56 dedicated students who marched with precision and grace. Their collective efforts culminated in a display of unity and excellence, honouring the school's traditions in front of a crowd of supportive parents, friends, and onlookers.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each member of the Parade Team for their exemplary performance. Your hard work has paid off in an unforgettable showcase of The English School spirit.

Special recognition goes to our students who stood out as our ambassadors, showcasing the true essence of camaraderie and school pride:

Year 7
Amalia Dorflinger, Anna Diakou, Eleni Charilaou, Giorgos Polycarpou, Maria Charalambous, Marinos Antoniou, Marios Pastides, Marisa Troullidou, Miltiades Angelos, Zacharopoulos, Nicolas Kassianides, Valeria Artemis Patsalidou, Ioannis Panayides, Andreas Savvides, Andreas Keleshis, Dona Nathanael, Loukas Iatrou, Marianna Houtri, Natalia Andreou, Marios Kiteou, Michail Koumenides, Nicolas Alexandrou, Sotiris Papalambrianou, Manos Kourris, Irene Kannaouridou, Xenia Hadjikoumi, Panayiotis Fattas, Mikaella Ioannide, Theodora Zarvou, Alex Papaeracleous, Constantinos Pastellis, Natalia Mavrogeni, Kayane Chouldjian, Joanna Makriyiannis, Lily Makriyianni, Georgia Koutsoumbi, Nefeli Christoforou, Alkistis Xanthi, Kyriakos Demetriou, Sokratis Prodromitis, Pavlos Achilleos, Marios Papaprodromou, Alexandra Adamide and Marilia Antoniou, 

Year 6
Alexandros Sophocleous

Year 5
Andrea Christodoulidou, Andri Papadopoulou, Anna Xyda, Odysseas Protopapas, Sophia Cleopa, Zoe Papaioannou, Andreana Eliade, Eirini Charmpis, Natalie Hadjivasiliou, Nicolas Panayides, Sofia Kalochoritis and Riana Paleomyliti

Your strides were more than just a march; they were a testament to the resilience, discipline, and community that our school embodies. Thank you for your dedication and for being remarkable representatives of The English School.

To our entire school community, let's continue to support and cheer for our students in all their endeavors. They are not just the heart of our school but the bearers of our shared values and future.

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