Spanish Trip to Madrid: A week of adventure embracing Spanish culture.

02 Aug. 2023

Spanish trip 2023
Spanish trip 2023
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In an exhilarating week, Year 3 and Year 5 students embarked on an unforgettable journey guided by Ms Chryso Constantinou, our passionate Spanish teacher. Collaborating with the Abecedatic language school in Madrid, the experience became an extraordinary tapestry of vibrant activities and cultural immersion.

They marvelled at Picasso's "Guernica" in the Reina Sofia Museum, dazzled by optical wonders at the Museo de las Ilusiones. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home to Real Madrid, captivated their hearts, while the Warner Bros Theme Park brought joy and laughter.

Visiting the prestigious IE Business School and La Universidad Europea broadened their horizons academically.

Savouring tapas, paella, and churros, they were immersed in nine hours of Spanish lessons by Abecedatic's local teachers, bridging language gaps.

An inspiring encounter with the Ambassador of Cyprus in Spain, Ms Helena Mina, ignited aspirations.

With certificates in hand, they embrace new cultures fearlessly, empowered to pursue dreams and understand the world. Grateful to all who made this week unforgettable, guiding us on a quest for knowledge and understanding.


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