Fostering Festive Spirit and Values: December Highlights at Our School

02 Jan. 2024

The Year 2 Christmas Edition
The Year 2 Christmas Edition
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December at our school brought forth a wave of warmth, kindness, and festive cheer as our Year 2 students engaged in a series of heartwarming Christmas activities.

One standout initiative that captured the spirit of giving was the "Adopt a Family for Christmas" project, where all six Year 2 classes joined forces to collect long-lasting food items and toys. The students then meticulously prepared beautifully wrapped boxes as presents, which were later delivered to families in need at Ayii Omologites Primary School, a local school in our community. Our six class representatives personally delivered the boxes on Friday, 15th December. They met the student council and the Headmistress of Ayii Omologites Primary School, who expressed heartfelt gratitude for the generosity displayed by our students and their families. 

Another enchanting activity that lit up our classrooms was the Christmas Classroom Decorations Competition. The competition originated last year to foster teamwork and creativity as students collaborated to transform their learning spaces into cosy, festive havens. Lessons took on a magical glow as students immersed themselves in the joy of learning amid the warm ambience of twinkling Christmas lights. 

The festive spirit reached its pinnacle on December 18th during our Christmas Assembly, celebrating achievements across various facets of school life. We proudly applauded the members of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra for their outstanding performance in Vienna at the prestigious Musikverein. Additionally, the talents of the Lefkosia Youth Ballet members were recognized for their participation in P.I. Tchaikovsky's timeless ballet, "The Nutcracker." We celebrated the success of our students who received awards at the Maths Regional Competition and acknowledged the members of the ES Corporate Team for their commendable participation in the Quantum Nicosia Marathon. 

During form tutor periods, our students were not only recognized for their achievements with special certificates but also engaged in heartwarming activities. They crafted Christmas cards for their teachers and friends, exchanged kind notes, reflected on the highlights of 2023, and identified three things they were grateful for. The joyous exchange of Secret Santa presents added an extra layer of festive delight to these gatherings. 

These Christmas activities not only brought a tangible sense of joy and community spirit to our school but also instilled values of generosity, gratitude, and collaboration in our Year 2 students. As we basked in the glow of colourful lights and shared in the festive revelry, the positive effects of these activities echoed in the hearts of our students, fostering a sense of unity, kindness, and appreciation for the true spirit of Christmas. 


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