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           As always, the activity within the School never ceases as each term  All residents of Nicosia are aware of the beauty of our School’s
           rapidly succeeds the previous with our students’ achievements in  grounds and its elevated location in the centre of town. In order
           all  elds never ceasing to deserve our hearty congratulations. We  to fully develop these natural advantages, the Board has com-
           all know that The English School is much more than just a set of  missioned a landscaping company to prepare a masterplan of
           buildings - it is a philosophy, a tradition and a family to which, I  the whole School grounds with a view to making proposals for
           know from personal experience as an ex student and as Chairman  optimizing its use by the School community, whilst simultan-
           of its Board of Management for the last 3 years, we are all proud  eously enhancing the grounds’ natural beauty.
           to belong.
                                                            Another change for our School was the arrival of our new Head-
           Once again the high academic excellence of our students has  master in April 2018, Mr. David Lambon, who was entrusted to
           resulted in our exceptional external examination results, University  identify and implement policies of best practice which would
           placements and a diversity of extra curricular achievements, which  ensure that the School is in a position to allow its students to
           con rm the reputation of our School as being ‘A School of Excellence’.  reach their full potential in all areas and to keep the School abreast
           Our students come to us with a high level of ability, but their achie- of current educational trends. This November we will have another
           vements during their time with us could not be accomplished  visit from the International School’s Inspectorate to see how the
           without the excellent work of our sta , and the dedicated support  School has developed since its last visit in November 2015. We are
           of their parents, to whom we express our warmest thanks.    con dent that Mr. Lambon’s considerable leadership experience
                                                            will ensure the enhancement of our School’s successes, both
           The English School is proud to be in a position to lay claim to a  academic and non-academic.
           philosophy of team spirit and tradition going back 119 years
           when our founder Canon Frank Darvall Newham  rst opened  As is the case each year, we have to say goodbye to sta  who
           the doors of our School to its original 13 pupils in Victoria Street  are retiring or leaving to follow other life choices. The Board o ers
           within the old Nicosia town. However, parallel to the value of  all these teachers its sincere thanks and appreciation of the many
           tradition, our School also realizes the need for change in order to  hours they devoted to standing by our students and ensuring
           keep up with the demands of developments in education, which  that they received the best possible assistance to reach their
           includes providing the appropriate facilities and equipment as  maximum potential.
           well as being able to adopt constant curriculum changes. The
           Board, with our School’s management, endeavours to ensure that  To all sta  who will not be joining us in September, the Board is
           The English School is not left wanting in this world of change,  certain that they will be remembered fondly by hundreds of
           including the provision of a suitable campus. To this end, we are  students and by their colleagues. On behalf of the Board of Manage-
           now proud to be able to provide our students and sta  with  ment I wish them and their families the very best of health and
           the long-awaited Newham Building so that learning can take  happiness for the future.
           place in a conducive environment, expected from a school of our
           reputation. The Board has long been aware that our senior students  Finally, I close by wishing all our graduating students success
           in Years 6 and 7 need to take up responsibility and ownership of  and ful llment throughout their lives and I am certain that they
           their own area of learning and relaxation with their classmates  will always feel privileged and proud to be able to say that they
           before entering university or army life.  This is a far cry from their  attended The English School. Our motto ‘non sibi sed scholae’
           relatively sheltered time in their younger classes and it is for this  (not for yourself but for your School) will be the thread holding
           reason that the Board is in the process of converting the old Arts  The English School family together and is proven by the strong
           Centre into a Senior Students’ Common Room where our Year 6  alumni connection regardless of the year of graduation.
           and 7 students can study, relax, converse with friends in an adult
           and responsible manner. The Board is con dent that the Senior  To all returning students and sta , we look forward to seeing you
           Students’ Common Room will be warmly welcomed by all.  again in September and on behalf of the Board of Management,
                                                            I wish you all a most happy and restful summer holiday.
           This year improvements have been seen in our Sports Centre
           along with new changing rooms and a gym, and through BOT
           projects we will soon be in possession of new tennis courts and
           improved futsal pitches. Work on our basketball courts, the repairs
           to our hockey pitch, and our athletics running track are also on
           the agenda for the near future, as is the fencing and lighting of  Dr George Theocharides
           our sports grounds. The Board of Management is strongly aware  Chairman of the Board of Management
           of the School’s tradition of sports and the physical well-being of
           its students and its planning re ects the importance that our School
           has always placed on its tradition of sports, in line with the vision
           of our founder Canon Newham.
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