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Carol Syrimis

              How long have you been at the school?
              I have been at the school for 23 years.

              What changes have you seen happen to the school during
              these years?
              Head teachers have come and gone, many of them!
              Buildings have been demolished namely the Newham Building,
              (approximately 2010) which has now been rebuilt. The Science
              Building was completed in 2004.

              The original Leventis Art Centre is being renovated to house a
              Common Room when completed. A big change was moving from
              the Art Centre to a teaching room, in the Newham complex two
              years ago. The canteen has been housed in a variety of locations.
              I believe it is now where it is to stay, and very nice too.  How could more things be changed to further improve
                                                               the school community?
              Sports Day was a day for everyone, teachers and students, to get- Students of di erent ages to interact amongst themselves and con-
              together. It was held the last week, last day, of the spring term and  nect from a variety of backgrounds and interests. Possibly prefects
              marked the end of that period in the school year. A special day.  helping with break duty. Older students assisting younger children.
              Community service was a very worthwhile and ful lling part of the  An area that can be used as exhibition space for art work and other
              7th form curriculum. Students assisted and participated willingly  subjects. Areas around the school where work can be displayed
              at medical centres, nursery schools and many more institutions  without the fear of damage from the elements. Now that the school
              becoming very involved and committed to their duties.   has taken on its  nal structure, sculptures, murals can now be
                                                               planned and placed in suitable spaces.
              The bene ts of having art lessons on the timetable every week,
              the past two years for the  rst, second and third forms, are now  How has being a teacher at the school changed you as a
              being seen.                                      person?
                                                               I have become more tolerant and patient and learnt to adjust with
              The art IGCSE exam was replaced by the GCSE exam which gives  the times and the culture of the school and Cyprus as a whole.
              students more of a chance to work and think more creatively  A change of perspective putting oneself in the other’s shoes can
              and individually...                              be inspirational. Working with students, one has to learn how life
                                                               revolves around them. I keep up to date with modern music and
      08      Do you like these changes? In your opinion, have they   ideas because of them. I even know about K pop now!
              bene ted the school community?
              Life is all about change. Good or bad, time will tell! The shift to the  Do you have any plans for the coming year?
              GCSE exam is de nitely giving students the chance to become  Planning and organising has been part and parcel of my life as
              more independent learners, recognizing the importance of owner- an educator for the past 30 odd years. My current plan is to not
              ship of one’s e orts and results. It also leads a to a smoother transition  make any rigid plans, and take every opportunity as it comes along.
              to the A level course.                           I will be spending more time doing other things I love, painting/
                                                               making art, traveling, gallery hopping, reading, writing, acting,
              Lack of space is an issue for the art department, which I am sure  swimming, dancing, singing, and playing tennis (just need to
              will be resolved in the coming year. Being situated in the centre   nd someone to play with). Anyone for tennis?
              of the school complex allows for easier access to students and
              the school community.                            interview by Elvira Kyriakou 5G

              Antonis Stephanou

              How many years have you been teaching at the school and
              what are the biggest changes you have seen in that time?
              I have taught for 36 years, 31 of them at The English school. The
              biggest changes over the last three decades are the Turkish Cypriots’
              return to the school after more than 30 years (since 1974) and
              the expansion of the school from a population of 850 students
              to one of 1150 students in just a few years.

              How do you feel you have changed as a teacher throughout
              your career?
              I have become more knowledgeable and patient with students.
              My teaching methods have evolved over the years in line with
              the demands of the examining boards but also with the coming
              of the age of the computer and the internet.

              Do you think it is true that students have changed in the
              last 2 or 3 decades?
              Teenagers will always be teenagers. However the students of today
              (compared to students 30 years ago) are better informed and more
              aware of  social,  political and environmental issues in which they
              often become actively involved.
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