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Year 1 2021-2022

        I meet the Chairman at exactly 7:15 in              A critical issue is dealing with the UK and the Brexit. For a long
        the morning outside the Headmaster’s              time, The English School’s primary university destination has been
                                                          the UK. Our post-Brexit plan now has been to provide students with
        house. The plan is to have the interview          a wide range of choices when it comes to universities—I understand
        in the Board room, but since it’s a fresh         that more and more resources are becoming available to you,
                                                          including seminars and presentations for non-UK universities.
        and bright morning we decide to go for a            Another priority of the Board is to safeguard the school’s financial
        walk instead.                                     situation. The bursaries are a very important issue to us and we are
                                                          trying to find ways to provide the opportunity for gifted students to
        Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?      flourish in the school regardless of their economic status.  chairman’s message
          I am married with two children, aged seven and two and am an
        English School alumnus, class of 1993. I studied economics at LSE,   What is your proudest accomplishment in the school?
        and I work in Banking. I served on the board of ESOBGA for seven   My fellow Board members and I are doing the best for this school
        years before being appointed member of the Board of Management   that we can—it is a team effort, after all. Personally, I am confident
        in 2016.                                          that we have made a lot of changes to facilitate learning. I think
                                                          some of them are visible but I cannot be the judge of that—the
        What is it like being the Chairman of The English School Board?  students can. If you see change, then we have done our job well.
          It is all about caring and this is no different whether someone is a
        Board member or the Chair. It is about making sure the students get  What are you grateful for?
        the best out of the school, because that is what they deserve.  I am grateful for my wife, my children, for their every smile and
                                                          joy. I am also grateful for being given the opportunity to work for   03
        Fondest memories here?                            the School. The students here deserve the best and they are the
          For me, my English School student days were about creating   best. I have seen their performances on stage, their events and,
        lasting friendships with great people, but it was also about   without a doubt, our students are capable of doing incredible things.
        opportunities to learn, explore and develop. Back in the day, I felt
        that I was not cut out to play music however, the school managed   As the academic year comes to a close, what would you like to
        to bring out the best in me and gave me opportunities such as   say to the school community?
        being able to play the viola for both the School Orchestra and the   I would like to use this opportunity to wish our graduates all the
        State Youth Orchestra.                            best in their future endeavours.
        What are the greatest concerns you are facing right now?
          Our big concerns are pastoral care, which means creating an
        environment that ensures students’ physical and emotional welfare
        and improvement in their academic experience.
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