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              Interview with the Headmaster
              David Lambon
                  Golf vs Education (0-1)                        disappointment, stemming from the thought of well if it hasn’t
                                                                 been done so far, then when will it ever be? Fortunately, Mr Lambon’s
                                                                 response was far from disappointing: “Interesting that you should be
                Growing up we all have a certain vision of where we want to go   asking this question. If you were a student starting the ES in year 1
              and who we want to be. Naturally, how things unravel may not   in September ‘22, you’d see there’s an addition to our curriculum –
              necessarily align with that vision. Knowing that at just 19 I’ve already   drama!”
              had a cornucopia of ideas of what (I think) I want my life to look like   Without even a slight hyperbole in the adjectives describing my
              in five, ten years from now, and still not having fully deciphered   reaction - I was completely overjoyed to hear this! Theatre to me, is
              what the future looks like amidst the blurry view of my various   something that everyone should try, and whether you’re an ‘arts
              aspirations, I was curious to know: how does one end up being a   person’ or not has a lot to offer. Our discussion continued on the
              Headmaster of a school? what is the starting point of the   merits and benefits of drama for young people. Through theatre,
              dreamer whose path culminates here?                one can improve communication skills immensely, build confidence,
                If we look at our headmaster, Mr Lambon, as an example, one   and cultivate the skill of empathy. For younger students entering
              must start to dream big, dream boldly in the mid-teen years, and if   the school it will be a perfect way to develop their language skills
              you happen to be a keen sportsperson, that must surely encompass   whilst making friends. Mr. Lambon added, from the point of view of
              the pursuit of being a professional golfer!        all-round holistic education, it can be a great way to “deliver important
         headmaster’s  interview
                You will not be surprised to hear that, well, Mr Lambon did not   messages, say on anti-bullying, in a far more subtle and integrated
              become a professional golfer. He did however, obtain a scholarship   way, and hence have a greater impact on the students. So, although
              to study Engineering, through his academic merit; “I got sponsored   change is coming at perhaps a slower pace than I’d like it to be,
              by Shell to study Engineering, so at that early stage of my studies, I   what we’re looking at right now, is reforming the entire KS3
              thought I’d be some sort of oil executive, or you know, an engineer.”  curriculum, to be more skills-based – instead of having subjects
                The thing is, we change with time and experience, and as we   structured entirely separately as they are now, perhaps they would
              change, so do our dreams. In pursuing his undergraduate degree in   work together on a more integrated basis. This is part of the plan
              Engineering, Language and Management, Mr Lambon realised that,   for the next 3-5 years”.
              as fascinating as machines may be, he much preferred human   Even as someone leaving the school this year, I’m eager to see
              interaction. When teaching at a school in Belfast, quite similar to   how that unfolds!
              ours, Mr Lambon discovered his love of teaching;
                “I actually began doing some teaching in university and I really   How has covid changed the way we dream?
              enjoyed it, so although I was set on a graduate trainee path with a   It’s important to dream, it’s what propels us forward in times of
              European company, at that stage I realised I wanted to return to   hardship and times of mediocrity – the idea that there’s always
              teaching. And truly, I think the best job anyone can ever have is   something better to come. To dream, is to have an Ithaca – a reason
              being teacher.”                                    to commence your journey or continue your journey. What’s more
                     Dreaming of a more diverse                  important though, is knowing that ultimately the destination may
                         school environment...                   change as circumstances alter. Our conversation turns to dreams,
                                                                 and the new decade.
                            with added drama                     more than ever for our generation. “You see, pre-covid, pre-Brexit,
                                                                   Our dreams are painted upon a backdrop of uncertainty, now
     04       this: what would I like to have Mr Lambon’s take on? As a student   things were a lot more linear, more certain” – I agree, and “as cliché
                When preparing for this interview, at the back of my mind was
                                                                 as it is, the only way forward was getting accustomed to this new
              who is interested in following a path that may be slightly   normal”. In my case, circumstances have brought me to the decision
              unconventional for the ‘usual’ ES student profile, I was keen to   to take a gap year. It felt terrifying moving from the conceptualisation
              know whether drama would ever see the light of day as a subject   of the idea to standing firmly with it, but it was my way of adapting
              taught within our school curriculum. As well as being an avid   to a new reality and a new version of myself that needed to do
              Literature A-Level student, I always dreamed of pursuing Drama   things differently.
              IGCSE/A level, so I guess you can piece two and two together as to   Sharing this with Mr Lambon, he added, “maybe you decide to
              why I went down this line of questioning. Whilst I feel more than   take a year off to boost your skillset or move to Germany for a year
              adequately prepared to pursue further education in English, I feel   to learn German – even deciding that you’ll go right ahead to
              like I wasn’t able to develop my skills in Drama at the same pace.   university”. At the end of the day our way of moving forwards could
                When asking Mr Lambon about the prospects of drama in the   mean diverging from our path or perhaps just sticking to it, so truly,
              curriculum, at some point, in the distant future of the school, I wasn’t   “It’s about making the right decision for you, not for necessarily
              sure what his response would be. To be honest, I was prepared for   every person who influences you”.
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