Page 9 - I have a dream
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                               SWEET                                             ‘a series of images, events and feelings
                                                                                      Dream [/dri:m/]

                                                                                     that happen in your mind
                                                                                       while you are asleep’
                      DREAMS                                                     but that is not very likely’ [Cambridge]
                                                                                 ‘something that you want to happen
         ARE MADE                                                                ‘If you say that something is a dream,
                                                                                   Dream (singular noun)

                                                                                   you mean that it is wonderful’
                        OF THIS                                                  prosperity…. the prosperity of life…’
                                                                                      American Dream
                                                                                    ‘…a social ideal that stresses
                                                                                    egalitarianism and…material

        Search within, search without.
        Navigate the ‘path of life’. Mind
        aflutter. The road is long, arduous,
        and grey. Grey. Unseen. Unknowable.
        But everyone dreams of something.
        We all hope for something.

          They asked me to write about the topic of ‘dreams’
        and/or ‘dreaming’ (in 300 words?!). They didn’t, by
        the way, mention nightmares. [an extremely
        unpleasant event or experience or possible event
        or experience – Cambridge]. We should not,
        however, dwell too much on what has been a
        patently challenging year for all of us in so many
        different ways. Perhaps, though, a more suitable
        interpretation of the term ‘dream’ would be to
        replace it with ‘Hope’ - Much more positive.
          Hope: A belief that something you want will
        happen – (OED).
          We should hope for, and believe in, a safer world
        for us all. With war devastating a European country
        in 2022, we must believe in the hope for a peace
        that is long-lasting and not too distant.
          We can hope for a healthier world. This time last
        year, we glimpsed the end of a long dark tunnel
        dominated by a virus that was/is as unpredictable
        in its short- and long-term effects as it is/was in the
        impact it has had on our way of life, both in school                                                      reflections
        and beyond. This year, we can hope that we are
        exiting that tunnel.
          Let us hope we can continue, as a school
        community, to assist a range of worthy causes
        through regular fund-raising events and awareness
        campaigns that showcase our commitment to
        supporting charities and events on our island.                                                         07
          And, of course, we should never lose sight of the
        hope and belief we have within ourselves. Every
        student, each young person in our school, has a
        dream and a hope for their studies and their future
        careers and lives. And that flame of hope is
        nurtutred and can only grow stronger as long as we
        remain true to our school’s mission statement in
        everything that we do.
          So, dream on, as Steven says. Make the most of
        all the opportunities that present themselves. And
        hope, believe, that we can and will move on.
          In the meantime, enjoy the silence, and have a   Yiannis Georgiou
        lovely summer break!                    Senior Assistant Head                             Anna Pasha 4B
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