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THE ENGLISH SCHOOL MA GA ZINE 2022                                                                                     THE ENGLISH SCHOOL MA GA ZINE 2022

                                                                      HAVE COURAGE,

                                                 PURSUE YOUR DREAMS,

                                                   AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

                                                We should never underestimate the power of the human
                                                spirit. Living a life dominated by positive thoughts, one that
                                                focuses on achieving our dreams, is key to bringing about that
                                                which we want most in life. Those of us who work with young
                            Natasa Ashioti      people are fortunate in that not only do we get to hear about
                        UCAS & Careers Officer    their ambitions and goals in life, we often have the chance to
                                                see these materialise.
                                                  It’s been an uplifting year for us. We have seen our daily routines slowly and steadily
                                                return to pre-Covid days, and whilst the process of applying to universities around the
                                                world might still be feeling the sting of the pandemic, we are still nevertheless happy with
                                                the results of this year’s application cycle.
                                                  It has truly been a pleasure working with our graduating class this year. A vibrant and
                                                committed year group; although we have shared moments of disappointment, we have
                                                shared even more times of excitement and sighs of relief! For this reason, we have decided
                                                to focus much of our Careers pages on them.
                                                  As we prepare to welcome the Summer, my colleague Stella and I would like to take this
                                                opportunity to wish you wonderful holidays and a safe return to school in September.
                                                           ...ESL2022 ‘Keep Calm and Dream On’.

                                                                                             Offers for
                                                                                           our Students
                                                                                           from Europe!
                                                                                          Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
                                                                                        Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
                                                                                        National & Kapodistrian University
                                                                                                 of Athens
                                                                                           University of Amsterdam
                                                                                         Erasmus University Rotterdam
         careers                                                                            Maastricht University
                                                                                            University of Groningen
                                                                                             University of Twente
                                                                                              Tilburg University
                                                                                              Leiden University

     10                                                                      from Oxbridge!
                                                                               Seven offers

                                                                                Congratulations to our
                                                                               offer holders who will join
                                                                              the Universities of Cambridge
                                                                                 and Oxford to study
                                                                            Computer Science (1), History (1),
                                                                                Law (1), Mathematics (3)
                                                                                    and Modern
                                                                                   Languages (1).

              Sophia Maria Panayides 4R                                                                 Anna Rouva 1J
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