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                                          AND POTENTIAL

                                         No student left behind

                                         Interview by Maria Eirini Liodi 6Y

                                           Mr Iosephides was appointed to The English School Board of Management in 2016 where
                                         his first four years were as a Board Member and simultaneously serving as Chairman of its
                                         Buildings Committee. Through the collective efforts of the all Board members, the Buildings
                                         Committee focused on the urgently needed renovation of our sports centre, the construction
                                         of the new Newham Building and the 6th form Centre. The Board also brought to completion
                                         the projects for the new Futsal Pitches and Tennis Courts which students have had the
                                         pleasure of enjoying these past few months. Along with new projects, and although
                                         significant challenges were posed, upgrading and maintaining the school’s traditional
                                         buildings and grounds were one of the Board’s priorities. The English School is a landmark in
                                         the centre of Nicosia and tradition meeting modernity perfectly captures the essence of the
                                         ES spirit!
                                           Last year the Council of Ministers offered Mr Iosephides the post of Chairman of the Board
                                         of Management. To Mr Iosephides the decision to accept the position was quite clear from
                                         the outset and he comments on his reaction to the offer as follows: “Being a graduate, a
                                         long-time active member of the ESOBGA, paired with my 4-year service in the Board, I felt that
                                         this was an honour”. Mr Iosephides adds that the position, not solely as Chairman per se, but
                                         participating on the Board as a whole, was a means of collaborating with the School’s
                                         Management and working towards the common goal of maintaining, and where possible,
                                         improving the reputation and achievements of The English School.
                                           For Mr Iosephides, Chairing the Board of Management means being part of a hard-working
                                         team which devotes many hours and much effort to contributing towards reaching the
                                         shared vision of the Board and Management, which is ensuring that our students have the
                                         best available of every aspect of education, which is what they expect and deserve.
                                           The role of teamwork is highlighted and becomes especially pertinent during times of
                                         crisis. Thus, focusing on the behind-the-scenes work of the past year in particular, all the
                                         efforts of the Board were channelled towards addressing the covid pandemic. A period of
                                         rapid change meant constant revision and re-prioritising of the Board’s goals. It has brought
                                         pastoral care, student mental health and well-being even higher on the agenda for areas of
                                         improvement that the Board is targetting. Mr Iosephides said that the Board’s goal is to
                                         create an inclusive environment where each student feels safe, supported and no student is
                                         left behind.
                                           Simultaneously, the Board is working towards forming a strategy to “reinvigorate ECAs that
                                         are the heart and soul of our school community”. The extra-curricular activities are how the
                                         student body can allow their talents to unravel and paint the school in the unique colours that
                                         it embodies. Hence, it is unquestionably one of the top priorities of the school, particularly
                                         once we see covid restrictions eventually being lifted. The stress that our Founder Canon
                                         Frank Darvall Newham placed on non-academic activities when he established our School in
                                         1900, is legendary, with team-spirit and fair-play being top priorities. Not many know that our   chairman’s message
                                         Founder introduced football, cricket and hockey to Cyprus, and that our School introduced
                                         the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to Cyprus in 1968. Our tradition of extra-curricular
                                         activities is one area that is indelible in the memories of all our graduates.
                                           Mr Iosephides said that a particularly important area which now needs addressing is that of
                                         Brexit. Now more than ever, the largely accepted rule of thumb of English School students
                                         almost exclusively aiming for UK universities is changing. The once more linear approach to
                                         tertiary education is meandering and students are broadening the scopes of their university
                                         search to the USA, Netherlands, Spain – the opportunities are ceaseless! The need to feel
                                         supported is of utmost importance to every student, most significantly when exploring the
                                         beginning of the next big chapter of their lives. Mr Iosephides added that this is why at the
                                         foreground of the Board’s objectives lies the need to create guidance and encouragement   05
                                         for students’ tertiary education, taking into account where they aim to study and how to best
                                         help them on their individual journey.
                                           On a lighter note, being the father of two young children, Mr Iosephides enjoys spending
                                         time with his family.
                                           Mr Iosephides finished the interview by giving his personal assurance, and that of his
                                         colleagues on the Board of Management, that the aim of this Board is to provide a safe
                                         environment, both physical and pastoral, with the best possible infrastructure, so that students
                                         can achieve their maximum potential and make their ambitions a reality. All graduates are
                                         proud to belong to The English School family, and The English School is proud of its graduates,
                                         with experience showing that friendships created here last a lifetime. The Board wishes all its
                                         students, staff and their families a relaxing and healthy summer, with special wishes for
                                         success and happiness to our students who will be leaving this year to embark on the next
                                         step of their journey in life.
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