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              FACING                                                             LOOKED LIKE A POST-APOCALYPTIC
                                                                                   THE SKY WAS GREY AND FULL OF
                                                                                     DUST, AND OUR SCHOOLYARD
         headmaster’s  interview
              OBSTACLES                                                          FOCUSED HEADMASTER LAMBON.
                                                                                       LANDSCAPE. I WAS TOLD TO
                                                                                     WAIT A FEW MOMENTS IN THE
                                                                                       RECEPTION AREA BY A VERY
              WITH FAITH                                                          IS THESE DAYS, AND IT SEEMED AS
                                                                                  HE WAS ON THE PHONE, AS MOST
                                                                                  OF OUR SCHOOL’S MANAGEMENT

              IN OUR                                                               AFTER, I WAS WELCOMED INTO A
                                                                                   THOUGH HE HAD BEEN TALKING
                                                                                   FOR QUITE SOME TIME. SHORTLY

                                                                                   LARGE, BRIGHT, AND STRIKINGLY
              STUDENTS                                                              NON-UNIFORM DAY, AND BOTH
                                                                                     EMPTY OFFICE. WITH IT BEING
                                                                                     OF US WEARING MASKS UP TO
                                                                                        OUR EYES, THERE WAS THE
                                                                                        ABSURD ILLUSION THAT WE
              March 26 , breaktime.                                                WERE TWO STRANGERS HAVING
     06       Interview with our Headmaster David Lambon                            A CONVERSATION IN AN EMPTY
                                                                                    CONFERENCE ROOM. OUTSIDE,
              by Samantha Archontis 7G
                                                                                         OUR SCHOOL’S MUSICIANS
                                                                                    SHOWCASED THEIR TALENT TO
                                                                                       A VERY EMPTY COURTYARD.
                                                                                      THIS IS THE ENGLISH SCHOOL
                                                                                             DURING A PANDEMIC.

              Magia Maria Stavrinidou 1R
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