Board of Management

The Board of Management governs the English School. This Board is comprised of prominent local figures, including, in many cases, former pupils of the school and is appointed by the Council of Ministers of the Government of Cyprus.  

The Board of Management meets once or twice per month in order to discuss matters of broad financial or strategic importance relating to the school.  

The Board may be contacted via the Board Secretary (  
Meet our Chair and the members of the Board of Management

Mr. Charalambos Iosephides, Board Chairman
Charalambos Iosephides is a Senior Manager in the Internal Audit Department of the RCB Bank since he joined in 2019. His career in Banking spans 23 years, having worked in the areas of Commercial Banking, mainly in the UK, in Group Financial Control and in International Operations.  Since 2013, he is working in Internal Audit.
 He holds a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, an MSc in Finance from the London Business School and is also a CFA charter holder.

He is a member of ESOBGA, the English School Alumni Association, serving on its Board for 7 years, in the period 2004-2011. He was appointed member of the Board of the English School in 2016 where he served as Chair of the Buildings Committee and member of the Finance Committee and Academic Committee until 2021 when he was appointed Chair of the Board.

Ms. Angela Hennelly, Director, British Council

Mr. Şener Elcil Hassan
Mr Şener Elcil Hassan was born in Kalavasos, Larnaca in 1963. He had to migrate with his family twice due to the societal incidents and conflicts in Cyprus in 1960s and 1970s. After completing his high school education in Famagusta, he graduated from Teacher Training College in 1984 and worked in various schools as primary school teacher. In 1986, Mr Elcil Hassan started to take an active role as a unionist and he is continuing his career as General Secretary of Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade Union (KTÖS) since 2001.
Mr Elcil Hassan has a sincere belief in universal humanitarian values, brotherhood and sisterhood of people around the world and he recognizes the peace as a virtue. Therefore, he puts in significant effort for re-unification of Cyprus against the ongoing invasion and division of Cyprus since 1974; demilitarizing and disarmament of the island and; contributing to the struggle of Cypriots demanding respect to their political will and human rights.
Mr Elcil Hassan always argues that peace cannot be established by armaments but only through education. Based on this perspective, he initiates the organization of numerous conferences, training seminars and projects on anti-racist education, social justice and peace education, disarmament and gender issues in education for constructing peace culture among students, teachers and school leaders. Besides, he endeavours to promote free, quality and democratic education for all in the society.
Mr Elcil Hassan has been elected to the General Assembly of European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) as country representative for Cyprus in 2008 and 2012. Moreover, he put in great effort to lead the way for a historic cooperation agreement that has been signed by 6 Teacher Unions in Cyprus representing the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. The agreement includes a rotation between the two communities on the country seat in the ETUCE Committee for periods of 2 years.
Mr Elcil Hassan has taken a pioneer role not only in the field of education but also in the Establishment Committees of Home for Cooperation, Queer Cyprus Association, Bi-communal Teachers Platform and many others in Cyprus.

Ms. Mikaela Messiou
Mikaela Messiou graduated from the English School in 1996 and went on the study International Management and Business Administration with French at the University of Reading and the Ecole de Commerce de Strasbourg. She completed her MSc in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management at the University of Oxford. She joined the family business in 2002, where she is currently acting as Managing Director. She is married to Andreas Papacharalambous and has two children.  

Ms. Doris Paraskevaides
Doris Paraskevaides holds an MBA(Hons) in Economics from the University of Essex and an MBA from CASS Business School in London.
After graduating, she joined the family business group, which deals in transport, trade and development serving in various managerial posts as well as on the Board of the Nicosia Buses Public Company.
She has taught PR at the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) to post graduate students and was a consultant to the London Forfaiting Company (LFC), a U.K. listed financial company.
Mrs. Paraskevaides has sat on the board of many charitable organisations both in Cyprus and abroad.  Currently, apart from being appointed to the board of the English School in 2013, she is Vice President of ΕΣΤΙΑ (ESTIA), of the Greek Foundation of Culture of the Hellenic Republic and an Honorary Member of the Friends of Shriners Hospital.

Ms. Mariza Platritou
Mariza Platritou graduated from ‘The English School’ in 2000 and studied Accounting and Finance at the University of Warwick. She then qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2006 while working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. In 2007 she was offered a position at the Central Bank of Cyprus, firstly as an Internal Auditor and from 2010 onwards in the Banking Supervision Department.   During the economic crisis of 2013 she was heavily involved in the restructuring of the banking system.  

Mr. Nicos Stylianou
Nicos M. Stylianou, Human Resources Manager Cyprus University of Technology – Life Coach
Nicos M. Stylianou holds a BSc degree in Operations Management and an MSc degree in Management Science & Operational Research from the University of Warwick. He is currently the head of the Human Resources department with Cyprus University of Technology.  He has been serving the field of HR for almost 2 decades from a number of positions in most industries (Education, Hotel, Leisure, Construction, Legal, Health and Retail).  He has been a motivational speaker and trainer for more than 10 years, on a number of fields and topics, always placing the individual at the centre.  He has trained more than 8,000 business professionals in a number of training programs from all around the world.  He was also a lecturer at the University of Nicosia, since 1997, and apart from Human Resource Management topics, he delivered O.M. and Project Management modules, at both under and post graduate levels.  He also presented a number of modules at post graduate level, for the Mediterranean Institute of Management (MiM), since 2005. In 2014 he has been accredited as a Life & Executive Coach from the International Society of Life Coaches.  He was a leading member of the Cypriot Government team, training and coaching the presidents of each committee concerning the Cyprus EU Presidency, which was proven to be a huge success.  He is an active board member in numerous associations both in Cyprus and abroad (notably the English School in Nicosia and the CyMYS).  In 2008, he received an international award for his contribution in the HR field.

Ms Myrna Demetriou Pattichis
Myrna Demetriou Pattichis was born in Nicosia in July 1965.
She has attended the American University of Geneva from where she graduated with a BA in Psychology in 1988.
After her first degree, she studied Marketing (MA) at the same University.
She lives in Nicosia since 1990, and over the past 30 years has been professionally involved in various business fields (from manufacturing and retail to marketing and publishing). She is also a board member at a number of Companies. 

In 1993, in the midst of widespread public intolerance about AIDS, she was behind efforts to set up the Friends of the Gregorios Clinic which operated as a pressure group to promote awareness and raise funds. She became widely known for her efforts to push for the creation of an AIDS ward at the then-new Larnaca General Hospital.
In 1996, she took the initiative of bringing the government of Cyprus into contact with the world’s largest Research Centre for AIDS, the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centre and its Scientific Director and CEO, David D. Ho, who discovered the AIDS triple therapy. Again, at her initiative, Ho had visited Cyprus and signed a protocol with the government of Cyprus for the immediate provision of treatment to Cypriot patients.
In 2012, she joined the team promoting Nicosia’s and Larnaca’s joint bid as a candidate for European Culture Capital 2017 and developed a proposal to save the tradition of Cyprus’ unique Lefkara lace.
Since 2012, her efforts towards the revival of ‘Lefkaritiko’ are ongoing and have led to its honourary presentation in 2018 at the Homo Faber exhibition in Venice - an international event.
In April 2020, along with the Benaki Museum, she was invited to talk about the resourceful promotion and development of Lefkara lace by the Craft Council of Florence (MIDA). This event has been postponed due to the coronavirus.
Since 2010, she has actively supported the Sophia Foundation in its drive to build an orphanage in Kenya. In 2012, after organising the “Kiondo Bag Auction” event, she was able to make completion of the orphanage a reality.
In 2013, the economic crisis brought her face to face with the need to help provide meals for children in Cyprus. That is when the  “Circle of Hope” charity event was organised and led to a significant sum to be raised in support of the “I Cook and I Offer” programme of the Sophia Foundation for children.
The “I Cook and I Offer” programme enables the foundation to build and equip school kitchens. At the same time, unemployed mothers in the area go and cook meals for the children.
The aim of the Sophia Foundation has been fulfilled, considering that the “Circle of Hope” event managed to raise a significant amount - enough to fund for a whole year the implementation of such an ambitious and pioneering concept.
Together with her husband and publisher, Nicos Chr. Pattichis (Phileleftheros Publishers), they support art and culture in various ways across the island. They have registered CYCO (Cyprus Contemporary Art Museum) a non-profit organisation aiming to build bridges with other art foundations in Europe, mainly, as well as to support the creative work of Cypriot artists living in Cyprus and abroad.
Works from their art collection have been included in international events and exhibitions at top museums around the world.

Ms Nataly Partassidou
Nataly Partassidou graduated from the English School in 1997. She studied Law at King’s College London and then obtained her Master’s Degree in Law from the University of London. She also completed her Bar Vocational Course whilst being a member of Lincoln’s Inn.
Upon her return to Cyprus, she completed her vocational training with the law firm of Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC and has been practising law at the litigation department since 2003. She has specialised experience, among others, in Banking Law, Competition Law, Labour Law and Public and Administrative Law.
Nataly was a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Cyprus between 2014 – 2018, whilst also serving as the Chair of the University’s Personnel Committee.
Nataly was appointed as a member of the English School Board of Management in September 2021.

Ms Talin Baltaian Kremmou 

Mr Andreas L. Papadopoulos
Andreas started off his career as a chemical engineer at Unilever in the United States and subsequently moved to Germany as product manager. After about a decade in the food industry he turned to banking in Cyprus. Andreas led Hellenic Bank’s Group Strategy unit throughout the economic crisis and currently leads the bank’s efforts in business development in Small and Medium Enterprises. With degrees from Cambridge University and the Wharton Business School, Andreas combines analytical skills with business acumen and strategic thinking. Andreas is passionate about protecting our planet and sits on various boards of NGOs linked to entrepreneurship education, the cyclical economy and protection of the seas.   

Ms Karen Aelbrecht, Board Secretary 

Mr Andreas Moyseos, Board Accountant / CFO
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