Bursaries and Fees 2023-24

Bursaries are awarded each year to students whose families face economic hardship and who meet the required criteria.

Please click here for instructions and the application form for your reference and use.
if the link above is not working, you can download a PDF version by clicking here

Feel free to contact our Finance department (22 799 367 or 22 799 321) for any further assistance you may need.

Petros Markou Bursary
We are delighted to announce that our School has received a generous 7-year bursary (2022-23 to 2028-29) from Mr. Emilios Markou in memory of his late father Petros Markou.
This bursary will provide financial assistance to students who demonstrate a strong commitment to their studies and a passion for learning.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Emilios for his generosity and support of our School and its students. 
Download the full letter with note from the benefactor from here

Current Tuition Fees for the Academic Year 2023-24
Academic year Tuition Fees
Form 1 €8.500
Form 2 €8.500
Form 3 €8.500
Form 4 €8.500
Form 5 €8.500
Form 6 €8.500
Form 7 €8.500
Please note that the fees may be subject to a small adjustment, to be announced shortly.
Note: Deposit fees are non refundable.

Second child fee reduction
If you have two children concurrently at the school, the second child’s school fees are reduced by 10%

Third child fee reduction
If you have three children concurrently at the school, the third child’s school fees are reduced by 50%

Tuition Fee Charts for 2023-24 can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Table I - Tuition Fees Payment Schedule - Academic Year 2023-2024

Table II- Additional Costs for 2023-24   (these additional costs have been included in the 1st term fees)

Fees Payment
Please note the following conditions regarding payment of fees: 

1.  The Parents shall pay to the School and shall be liable to the School for all tuition fees in relation to the Student, including any fees and/or levies and/ or rights, for the whole duration of the tuition of the Student at the School as published online and as amended from time to time at the School’s absolute discretion.
  • Students will not be permitted to proceed to the next year of studies if there is any outstanding amount by 31st of May.
  • Year 7 students will not be issued the Apolytirion if there is any outstanding debt by 31st May, or permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  • Students will not receive their academic reports if there is any outstanding debt 3 days before the reports are due to be released.
2.  The above financial obligation of the Parents towards the School shall extend to any and all expenses and/or costs related and/or arising from and/or incidental to the student's daily attendance at the School, including, without limitation, the cost of books and/or any other study material, uniforms, and the participation of the Student in events/activities / competitions, excursions organized by the School.
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