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This policy has been developed to be consistent with the ENGLISH SCHOOL Mission Statement and is based on established best practice relating to school outdoor education and off –site school visits.

The ENGLISH SCHOOL believes that students can derive immense educational benefit by taking part in off-site visits. The knowledge and experience gained beyond the classroom can consolidate and extend the taught curriculum within it. Taking part in problem solving, decision-making and residential experiences both at home and abroad can enhance the development of personal and social skills.

An Off-site Visit is defined as students going ‘beyond the school gates’ to pursue an activity organised by the school. Activities may take place during or after the school day, at weekends or in school holidays and will have an educational basis.

The ENGLISH SCHOOL will promote outdoor education and off-site visits in the confidence that they take place safely and effectively for all by ensuring that:
  • all the ENGLISH SCHOOL staff are required to follow  the School’s framework of procedures and guidance as described in the attached Procedures and Guidance document when organising off-site visits.
  • all off-site visits have an educational purpose and pre-determined clear educational objectives. 
  • all participants in activities will be identified as group members associated with the school.
  • every student should have full access to each visit that is appropriate to their class, year or option subject, regardless of their abilities, therefore developing further ‘the whole child’.
  • the School’s framework for Health and Safety will be reviewed and it's implementation will be monitored as necessary and in the light of developments within the School.
Notes Regarding Policies, Procedures and Guidance for Outdoor Education and School Off-site Visits

These policies and procedures must be regarded as a working document. They will be reviewed in response to developments in outdoor education and government guidance.

It is also likely that the developing needs of schools will lead to on-going additions and amendments.

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