It is my honour and privilege to be the Headmaster of such a distinguished school and one steeped with such a rich history.  The English School is undoubtedly a jewel of Cypriot education with very high academic standards and a passion for learning.  The school has more than one thousand pupils, and the over-subscribed competitive entry for places reflects its standing on the Island. 
The pages of our website will hopefully furnish you with some insight into our school and its history, although this is no substitute for a personal visit and first-hand experience of the school. 
As per the Mission Statement (found in the Parents Handbook) the school pursues academic excellence and encourages its students to become life-long learners.  The modern student not only requires good academic skills, but they also need to be open-minded, able to analyse, think critically, question, be flexible and prepared for the challenges they will face in and beyond education.
Today’s world is a dynamic place with a fast pace of change and students need to be able to adapt their talents and skills to accommodate this change.  As educators, our duty is to ensure that the students in our care are better educated than previous generations and are able and committed to making a significant contribution to the world in which they live.
The school has an impressive record of examination success when compared with standards locally and globally. A record of success in recent years is available on the website. This success secures places for our students for a wide range of courses and career paths at the very best universities worldwide.
Should you require more information about The English School please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to assist.
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