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Information on this page include:

a) Quick downloads
b) Public Examinations: some important information
c) Exam Results
c) Re-marking
d) New Exam application / Re-sits
e) Exam Result Statistics

Quick Downloads:

Guide for Making External Exam Entries 2017
Results Day, Remarking and Resit Guidelines


Public Examinations: some important information

It is important to make a note of the information below:
  1. System availability:
All online entries can be made between the 14th and 25th November 2016 inclusively.
  1. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE MADE DURING THE ABOVE MENTIONED PERIOD.  Best practice is to make all likely entries and should students have a change of heart, they may withdraw from individual units.  (Please refer to note “5” below for further information on this.)
  1. After deadlines set by the Exam Boards, depending on the period you register, a double or even triple unit fee may be charged for late entries.  (Please refer to note “11” below for further information on this).
  1. List of Entries:
The policy of the school is that all students enter for their exam subjects at IGCSE, GCSE, GCE AS / A2 and IAL. The subjects which students are expected to enter are indicated on the entries form given to them, with a letter to parents with subject reference: “Applications for Public External Exams (May/June Series 2017)”.  This will also be automatically displayed once the student logs into the exam module micro-site link.
It may be the case that a candidate is also following a course of study outside school and wishes to sit an exam in that subject. It is important that entries for any subjects studied outside school are made through the school; this does not include entries made with CIE (Cambridge Exams).   For Cambridge exams only candidates may, if they wish, register with the institute where they are taking their lessons, provided that it does not clash with any other subjects registered in the school.  
For all other exams, it is an exam board regulation that a candidate must sit all his/her exams through a single examination centre. Failure to follow this regulation might cause a schedule clash which the school would not be able to resolve.
The English School is an accredited examinations centre for all Pearson / Edexcel, CIE, OCR and AQA examinations.
  1. Payment
Payment can be made at any Bank of Cyprus branch.  This should be made out to: The English School account: 0117-05-040011.
The bank will issue you with a deposit slip and sign and stamp the receipt printed from the system. 
It is essential that a copy of the application form plus the deposit slip be returned to the English School Exams Office. 
Payment can be made until the 2nd December 2016 (5 days after the two-week window).  No applications will normally be accepted after this deadline. 
Our school accountant, Ms. Argyro Protopapa, will accept payment (either cash or cheque) of applications for two days: 24th and 25th November 2016.
It is important to note that failure to bring the deposit slip with the application form to the English School Data & Exams Office before the 5th December 2016 may result in your entries being cancelled. 
  1. Refunds:
If you have withdrawn or cancelled an application made online (during the two-week window), all refunds will be issued and posted to you late January 2017.
  • : It is The English School’s policy to issue refund cheques, issued in the name of the father of our students. Therefore, should you want the refund to be issued to another name, please specify this when emailing us a copy of your “Withdrawal Note”.
  1. Changes to entries after 25th of November 2016:
If you have second thoughts about doing an exam i.e. if you wish to withdraw from a subject / unit, you will need to email Dr. Mavrommatis at: chris.mavrommatis@englishschool.ac.cy and a copy to be forwarded to exams@englishschool.ac.cy requesting permission to withdraw from the subject.  Your email must clearly state your Name, Candidate Number, Units and reason why you wish to withdraw. 
Dr. Mavrommatis, will confirm in return if he accepts/ approves the withdrawal copying Ms. Elena Kazantzi.  Upon approval you will receive an automatically generated credit note that will be forwarded to your school email account, confirming the withdrawal.
Note that withdrawals are possible until the 17th April 2017, without prior approval from the Exam Board. After this date, approval is needed from the Exam Board, and there have been instances in the past that the Exam Board has not accepted the withdrawal request and the students were given an “X” on their Provisional Statement of Results. 
For your money to be refunded withdrawals MUST be made before the 13th February 2017.
All refunds will be issued and posted after the 17th April 2017.
After the deadlines referred to above, we cannot guarantee that the money will be returned; this will be at the discretion of the exam board.
Note: once the exam sessions start in May, we, as a centre, cannot withdraw students from specific units/subject codes.
  1. Decline of grades
As of 2010, candidates can no longer decline grades.  Candidates who are not happy with their results can re-take units and receive a new certificate if a higher mark is achieved with a resulting change of grade.  
  1. Cash-in Codes
As stated above, as of 2010 candidates cannot decline grades; therefore, it is an Exam Board Regulation that all units that are eligible for a certificate should be cashed-in. 
This is done by registering the correct code for the level of certification the candidate is applying for. An example would be 6GK01 + 6GK02 which qualifies you for an A level award in Greek. The cash-in code is: 9GK01.
For all exam units this is done automatically by the system, with one exception: Mathematics (AS and A Level).  The reason for this is candidates sitting the same units can apply for different types of certification. For example,: AS/A Level certification in Mathematics,  an AS/A Level Certification in Pure Maths or AS /A level certification in Further Maths. We have guided candidates regarding the expected entries and the relevant cash-in code they should apply for, after consultation with the Maths Department of our School. 
Please check the Estimated Entries document provided to you for the Maths unit codes and cash in codes.  In case any Year 6 and Year 7 student is not sure that the cash in codes are correct, or if the student is not examined for any of the Maths units mentioned on the document, or if a student is examined for Maths units not mentioned on the document, please verify the cash in codes with your Maths teachers before confirming your registration.
As stated above this is an Exam Board requirement, so candidates MUST enter a cash-in code once they are eligible for the certification. Should they resit an exam or later do extra units to apply for 1 ½ Level Maths or a Double Maths qualification, all the cash-in codes will be re-opened by stating the cash-in codes again when making the entries, so the board can once again arrange the units in the best combination to give the best possible grades for the candidate.  
Note the candidate cannot select which units should go under which certification; this is automatically done by the Exam Board.
To sum up: all candidates MUST enter a cash-in code as part of their entry.  Failure to do so or an incorrect cash-in code entered would mean no certificate will be provided to the candidate. Pay particular attention to which cash-in is requested (especially for entries made for Maths).
Cash-ins requested after the deadline for applications are subject to a late fee of EUR80.00

Kindly note that as of June 2016 examinations, some of the subjects examined by Year 6 and Year 7 students are under the new GCE AS and A2 system.  These subjects do not have a cash-in code and this will be noted on the Entries Form that will be provided to students and parents. 
  1. Statement of Entries
The school will provide the following two statements of entries:
  1. The English School Statement of Entry showing:
    • Name of the candidate
    • Candidate Number
    • Subject of the exam
    • Date of the exam
    • Location of the exam
    • Seat number of the student
    • Clash arrangements made
  2. Exam Board Statement of entries
The English School Statement of Entry is the document that the candidates should have with them during the Exam period.  Candidates should not lose this or forget this document on the day of the exams. As you can see above, it contains very important information.
Any errors on either of the Statements of Entries, such as spelling of names, date of birth, or unit codes MUST be communicated immediately to the Data and Exams Office.  An email can also be sent to exams@englishschool.ac.cy highlighting the issue.
  1. Clashes
Information about clash arrangements will be communicated on the English School statement of entry. This WILL NOT be posted outside the Exams Office.  Therefore, please do not lose your Statement of Entry.
  1. Access Arrangements
Should a candidate require special arrangements to be made during the exam period i.e. should a candidate wish to apply for special arrangements to be made due to his/her particular circumstances e.g. Dyslexia, or learning disabilities, please attach a medical report from the relevant specialist written in English with the application copy and proof of payment, brought to the Data & Exams Office.  This must be submitted by 25th November 2016 the latest.
Due to new regulation, a school can only request this access arrangement if the same arrangement was given to the student during the mock exams.  Therefore it is important we receive this information early, to make the same arrangements for a student’s mock exams.
  1. Late Fees:
English School Fees:
After the two-week window The English School will charge a flat fee of EUR120.00 on any unit entry made.
Exam Board Fees:
GCSE / IGCSE / GCE / IAL entries deadline is: 13th February 2017.
Late entry fees will be charged as follows after the above deadlines:
14th February to 17th April 2017    – double the entry unit fee
From 18th April 2017                     – triple the entry unit fee

Summary of important dates:

  • System on-line: 14th to 25th November 2016
  • Payment to any branch of the Bank of Cyprus: 2nd December 2016
  • Payment at the school: 24th – 25th November 2016
  • Copy of application, receipt of payment, and Access Arrangement requests to be brought to the Data & Exams office by: 5th December 2016
  • Withdrawal / amendments to entries: GCSE / IGCSE / GCE / IAL entries deadline is: 13th February 2017

Exam Results:

Exam results are published and available to the public on the dates below:
Thursday, 11th August  (results will be online at 06:00 BST) – CIE Results Day
Thursday, 18th August – GCE (A2 and AS Level) and IAL Results Day 
Thursday, 25th August – IGCSE and GCSE Results Day

Finding your results:

CIE has provided you with personal PIN numbers, whereby candidates can access their results online.   The school has a copy of the PIN number, therefore should you have lost this, please email: Ms. Elena Kazantzi (exams@englishschool.ac.cy) to forward you a copy of your details. 
Pearson (EdExcel):
Pearson (EdExcel) has created on online results tool called: ResultsPlus Direct which can be accessed by students by typing this URL link into their browser:
New Users:
Ms. Kazantzi has registered all new users.  You should have already received a verification email.  This verification code/URL requires activation against your email address (this is your individual email account), via the account verification webpage. Once you have activated your email address against this code, you will then receive a welcome email directly into your inbox.  To activate your account, you must then click on the account verification link contained in the welcome email and validate your account by answering security questions.  It is important you keep note of these security answers.  Once your account has been verified, your password will be created.  You can then use your email address and password to login. Please do not misplace this information.

Old Users:
If you have forgotten your password.  You can obtain a new one by: Clicking on the “Forgotten your password?” link on the login screen below the “Change password” button.  Type the email address you registered with into the “username” field in the pop-up window that appears.  A new password will be emailed to you. 
If during the password reset you submit the wrong security details three times, your account will be locked.  If this happens you need to email Ms. Elena Kazantzi (exams@englishschool.ac.cy) to unlock your account.
If you have locked your account by entering your password incorrectly more than three times, click on “Forgotten password” and enter your email address to receive a password reset email (please check your spam).  If you had an account last year and changed your email addresses you will need to email Ms. Elena Kazantzi (exams@englishschool.ac.cy).  Ms. Kazantzi will then update your email address. Once this is done, you will receive a welcome email and you will need to recomplete the activation process.
If when entering the system you note that you are missing results for:
(a)Exams you sat during May/June 2016
(b)Exams you sat during January 2016 (through the British Council)
You need email Ms. Elena Kazantzi (exams@englishschool.ac.cy) with screenshots from ResultsPlus explaining clearly what information is missing.  Ms. Kazantzi will contact the Exam Board to fix this.  Please appreciate that this is a long process and every effort will be made to resolve all issues faced before Results Day.
For more information about ResultsPlus Direct click on the below URL:
AQA and OCR:
(a)Results will be available at the school for collection from the School Reception
(b)If you apply for SMS results these will be forwarded to the mobile phone specified on the application
(c)You can email Ms. Elena Kazantzi (exams@englishschool.ac.cy) requesting the results.  This is a first come first serve basis, thus please allow up to 48 hours for a response.
For those that have registered to use this facility, an SMS will be forwarded informing you of your results for all exams registered. CIE results will be forwarded after midday as there is a delay for centres to receive digital copy of results.   For all other results from Pearson (EdExcel), AQA, OCR GCE, IGCSE, IAL, every effort will be made to release this information to candidates before midday on the day the results have been published.
Two options available to find out results if you have not registered for any of the above methods:
  1. Collect the result slips from the School
  2. On the 18th August, you can forward an email to exams@englishschool.ac.cy requesting a copy of your results. Remember to state your Candidate Name and Number.  Note the school makes every effort to respond to all request in a timely fashion; however, please note that the response time will vary between 24 and 48 hours. 
  1. IGCSE break-down of results

On August 25th, IGCSE results are displayed with only a grade (A, B, C etc).   The school is provided with the actual grades in pdf format.  The school understands that parents/candidates want to know their actual mark; therefore we have found a way to convert this file into a format we can use.  Unfortunately, this is not a streamlined / simple process. Therefore, generating candidate individual results takes some time.
Every effort will be made, as was the case last year, for these statements of results (with the actual mark) to be released to candidates on the first day they come back to school.
The school will not communicate these results/marks to parents/students before the above mentioned date.  Therefore we ask parents/students to refrain from calling/coming to the school, asking for a breakdown of the results.  


Exam grades should be a fair reflection of candidates’ work, knowledge and performance in the subject taken.  Sometimes, however, mistakes are made.  If you believe that your result is unfair, you can ask for a re-mark.
Exam Boards provide the below services:  

  1. Priority Service:
An online application is forwarded to the Exam Board asking them to review the marking of the paper.  This service is usually used by candidates requesting an immediate response for UCAS / Universities.  Priority remarking can take up to a maximum of 10 working days; however, we have seen results come as early as 24 hours after submitting the request.  The cost: EUR100.00 per unit.
  1. Normal Service:
An online application is forwarded to the Exam Board asking them to review the marking.  It takes up to one month to receive the outcome of the request.  However, we have seen that we can get results from the first 48 hours after the request was submitted.  The cost: EUR80.00 per unit.
  1. Photocopy of Script:
An online application is forwarded to the Exam Board asking them to forward us a photocopy/scan copy of the script of the candidate.   This is forwarded via email to the centre. A maximum of two weeks is needed to receive the copy of the script.  We have however seen that script copies have been received two days after the request has been submitted.  The cost: EUR40.00 per script.
  1. Original Script Returned:
This service is only available from Pearson / EdExcel. An online application is forwarded to the Exam Board asking them to forward us the original script.   Scripts can only be forwarded back to the centres after the remarking window is closed i.e. scripts are expected at the centre only after the 20th September 2016. The cost: EUR40.00 per script
Deadlines for GCE AS / A2, International A Level (IAL):
  1. Priority:  18th August to the 25th August 2016, by 12:00
  2. Normal:  18th August to the 19th September 2016, by 12:00
  3. Photocopy of Script:  18th August to the 25th August 2016, by 12:00
  4. Original Script:  18th August to the 19th September 2016, by 12:00
Deadlines for IGCSE / GCSE: 
  1. Priority::  25th August to the 31st August 2016, by 12:00
  2. Normal::  25th August to the 19th September 2016, by 12:00
  3. Photocopy of Script:  25th August to the 31st August 2016, by 12:00
  4. Original Script:  25th August to the 19th September 2016, by 12:00
Remark outcomes:
The following information explains what may happen when you apply for Enquiry about Results (EAR) and your papers are remarked:
  1. Your original mark is lowered, so your final grade may be lower than the original grade you received.
  2. Your original mark is confirmed as correct and there is no change to your grade.
  3. Your original mark is raised, so your final grade may be higher than the original grade you received. 
In cases “a” or “c” stated above i.e. when there is a grade change either higher or lower than the original result given, you are refunded the money paid for the remarking.
Tips on whether to remark:
Before making any decision on remarking firstly you need to:
  1. Ask yourself if you believe you did a lot better than the result outcome
  2. Check the grade boundaries and see how far you are from the next grade boundary
  3. If possible, consult your subject teacher or the relevant Head of Department for further advice.

Any decision to undertake a re-mark is at the candidate’s own risk, i.e. there is a chance the exam board may deduct marks, leading to a points’ reduction for a particular unit, or even a grade reduction.
In general we find that most grades do not change.  Below is a graph presentation of whether grades have changed after an EAR from 2009 to 2015.

How is the outcome of results communicated to parents/students?
a) Priority:  Email and/or Telephone communication.
b) Normal:                                      
Leavers: results will be emailed to students
Current students:  copy of the result will be given during registration period or email confirming outcome.
c) IGCSE / GCSE: Copy of the result will be given during Registration period or email confirming outcome.
d) Photocopy of Script: Email to candidates
e) Original Script:                         
Leavers: will be called to collect the script
Current students:  given out during Registration period.

Application Forms & Payment details:
Please click to download the relevant form:
CIE Remarking Application Form
EAR (Pearson / EdExcel, AQA and OCR) Application Form


A hard copy can be obtained from the School Reception, Main Office or Data & Exam office.

Please complete your details, paying special attention to:
a) Your contact details
b) The contact email and phone number
c) The subject / unit code (this can be found from your provisional statement of results or your statement of entry)
Payment details:

Details Between 18th – 25th August After the 25th August
Payment method Cheque (made out to The English School) or exact amount cash. Cheque (made out to The English School) or cash
Where Data & Exams office School Accountant


  1. Before the 25th August, once payment is received by the Data & Exams office, the EAR request will be submitted to the Exam Board
  2. After the 25th August, once payment is received, our School Accountant will forward the forms to the Data & Exams office and all enquiries will be acknowledged and dealt with as speedily as possible. 
  3. Where an EAR leads to a change in subject grade, the EAR fee will be refunded.
  4. Refund cheques will be made out to the father of the candidate (unless otherwise instructed).  Refunds will be made in the third week of October 2016.  These cheques are either given to students during Registration period or posted. 

New Exam Applications / Re-sits:

IGCSE or International A Level (IAL) new applications or re-sits:
For those wanting to re-sit or enter for new units during January 2017 for:
(b) Pearson EdExcel (IGCSE)
(c) Pearson EdExcel [International A Level (IAL)]
You need to contact the British Council.  Please refer to their website:
Or contact them on: 
Telephone: +357 22585000 (Monday – Friday 09:00-14:00, Tuesday 09:00-17:00)
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 09:00-11:00, Tuesday & Wednesday 15:30-17:30
General enquiries: enquiries@cy.britishcouncil.org
Exam enquiries: exams.enquiries@cy.britishcouncil.org  
For CIE (IGCSE) – note that registrations are usually very early in September as exams are held late October /early November so it is very important you contact The British Council upon receiving your results.
Pearson (EdExcel), AQA and OCR - GCE new applications or re-sits:
Following new regulations, re-sits will not be possible for GCE AS and A Level units and UK GCSE, in alternative exams sessions.  Should you require to re-sit these units, you will need to apply through the school in November 2016, for exam series: May/June 2017.


Exam Result Statistics:

Click on the below links to download our External Exam Statistics.

Exam Result Statistics (A Level)

Exam Result Statistics (AS Level)

Exam Result Statistics (IGCSE/GCSE Level)
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