The Teaching and Learning Community (TLC) has been established at The English School in order to provide a conducive medium within which to develop, share and practise our professional skills.

Our purpose being, to provide direction and leadership in improving Teaching and Learning processes across the school. 

Our ultimate aim?
A more fulfilling, effective, meaningful, thus happier experience for our pupils. 

This will emanate as a result of the betterment of skills of all those involved in the Teaching and learning process. We are constantly striving to further develop a pupil-centred culture, encourage professional collaboration and engage colleagues in dialogue that will encourage consistent, healthy reflection of current practices.

Research has proven that professional collaboration is perhaps the strongest factor that impacts the quality of teaching and, hence, improves learning.

Rigorous training and regular meetings for the TLC group have been put into place, whilst work with departments and individual teachers has provided staff with opportunities for constructive dialogue as well as ongoing professional development. Internal training is already being conducted by the group. 

A constant reviewing of current educational research will enable the TLC to develop a culture which will constantly strive towards a better learning experience for each and every child at our school, according to their needs and their state of readiness in the learning process. 


1. Ms Popi Grouta (GRU) - Assistant Head i/c T&L also the leader of the group
2. Ms Maria Rousou (MRO) - Assistant Head i/c Exams 
3. Ms Chryso Constantinou (CCO) - Teacher in MFL
4. Ms Vanessa Crambert (CRV) - Head of MFL
5.Ms Shura Economou (ECO) - Head of Year and English Teacher
6. Ms Leoni Hadjithoma (LHA) - Head of Year and Music Teacher
7. Ms Christina Ioakimidou (CIO) - Head of Greek
8. Ms Sylvana Jamgochian (SJA) - History teacher
9. Mr Panayiotis Kailas (PKK) - Economcis teacher
10. Ms Helen Lockham (HLO) - Study Centre supervisor
11. Ms Niki Melanidou (NME) - Greek teacher
12. Ms Marilena Neocleous (MAR) - Greek teacher
13. Mr Christos Symeonides (CSY) - Physics teacher
14. Ms Eva Polyviou (EPO) -  Head of Year and Greek teacher

Administrator:  Ms Elena Michaelides (EMI)

Roles and responsibilities

Group 1: Staff Training: 

Group members

1. Ms Sylvana Jamgochian (SJA) lead
2. Ms Popi Grouta (GRU)
3. Ms Chryso Constantinou (CCO)
4. Ms Christina Ioakimidou (CIO)
5. Ms Marilena Neocleous (MAR)
6. Ms Vanessa Cramber (CRV)

Group 2: Workshops & Policy

Group members

1.  Ms Popi Grouta (GRU) lead
2.  Ms Maria Rousou (MRO)
3.  Ms Leoni Hadjithoma (LHA)
4.  Mr Panayiotis Kailas (PKK)
5.  Ms Eva Polyviou (EPO)
6.  Ms Helen Lockham (HLO)

Group 3: Support to new staff / training

Group members

1.  Ms Shura Economou (ECO) lead
2.  Ms Niki Melanidou (NME)
3.  Mr Christos Symeonides (CSY)
4.  Ms Popi Grouta (GRU)
5. Ms Helen Lockham (HLO)
6.  Support from non-TLC teachers (acting as mentors)

Group 4: Staff briefing

Group members

1.  Ms Marilena Neocleous (MAR) lead
2.  Ms Chryso Constantinou (CCO)
3.  Ms Christina Ioakimidou (CIO)
4.  Ms Sylvana Jamgochian (SJA)
5. Ms Niki Melanidou (NME)
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