The Curriculum

The curriculum is central to Teaching and Learning at the English School. The School aims that the curriculum will cater for the needs and facilitate the achievement of the potential of every student.
In its report, the ISI comment the following about the curriculum at the English school:

‘the curriculum supports the school’s aim to promote academic excellence and to maximise an individual’s potential by providing rich and engaging educational experiences and challenges.’

The School follows largely the English National curriculum. When the students first arrive at the school at the age of twelve, they all follow a common and yet comprehensive programme of study which includes a diverse range of subjects. This includes English, Greek/Turkish, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education as well as Art, Music, Design and Technology, ICT and Physical Education. From Year 2, our students also begin the study of a Modern Language like French whilst in Year 3 they can choose one from three modern languages including French, German and Spanish. Our students also benefit from a broad PSHCE programme and one afternoon of Games each week.

As students progress through the School, they are encouraged to make more of their own subject choices. In Year 4, students begin a programme of nine GCSE/IGCSE courses; all students study First Language English language, English Literature, Maths and Greek/ Turkish. However, beyond that students are free to choose another five subjects, the restriction being that at least one elective must be a Humanity; one must be a Science and one chosen from another category of subjects that includes Modern Languages, ICT, Design and Technology etc. The School overall offers 23 subjects at GCSE/IGCSE. Students continue their study of PSHCE and participation in afternoon Games.

In Year 6, students move on to start their AL courses with most of them having completed their AL in Modern Greek or Turkish in Year 5. In Year 6, our students study 4 subjects to AS level, and most will normally study three ALs with a smaller group opting for four AL subjects in Year 7. Afternoon Games are compulsory up to Year 6 whilst students will continue their study of PSHCE issues.

The School offers an excellent and diverse range of subjects at all levels, all of which are taught by specialist staff. Many of our teachers hold the PGCE qualification and many others have many years of teaching experience. Our staff are supported in their professional development with the School’s robust annual programme of staff development, which is based on our belief that we can all constantly improve our practices and thus, have a greater impact on our students’ performance.

To enhance the formal curriculum, we have a wide variety of co-curricular activities on offer for all year groups, allowing our students not only to enjoy and to develop their existing interests and passions but to discover new ideas, perspectives and skills, which will broaden their horizons.
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