Policy on Student Celebrations

The School recognizes the role of celebrations as part of the normal fun of being at school. Such celebrations may include (but not be limited to) occasions that mark the beginning and end of the school year for those in their final year of school.
The School welcomes celebrations of many kinds but requires that all celebrations comply with the School's mission statement of promoting academic excellence      in a safe and caring environment.
The School is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for all and seeks to uphold the rights of every individual within the School community. It celebrates diversity and its ethos is one of trust, mutual respect and understanding of each other's culture, ethnicity, religion, gender and individual needs.

The School motto is 'non sibi sed scholae' which means that students should be proud to be a member of the School and put the School community and other people before their own needs.'
All celebrations should therefore comply with the above requirements. This means that the following behavior, for example, is not acceptable as part of celebrations or at any other time.
Language or behavior which is improper, or disrespectful to other students, staff and any other members of the School community or members of the public.
  • Graffiti of any kind
  • Damage to, or improper use of, school property or equipment
  • Use of alcohol or tobacco
  • Use of firecrackers or °tier dangerous substances

The above list is not exhaustive. If the School feels that student celebrations have violated the terms of its regulations, policies and mission statement, it will take severe and appropriate disciplinary action against individuals or groups who have been responsible for such behavior.
Students should be aware that, where possible, the School will only punish those individuals who have been responsible for bad behavior. However, in cases in which it is difficult to identify which English School individuals have been responsible (e.g. when there is unacceptable behavior at night, or by those wearing masks), students should expect that their entire year group may receive exceptional, extreme and serious disciplinary consequences of inappropriate actions.
Such measures may include (but not limited to):
Expulsion from School (meaning denial of future assistance with higher education applications)
Cancellation of celebratory events, e.g. Graduation Ceremony
Writing to inform universities from which students have received offers regarding the student’s behavior
It is thus the duty of all students, and their parents, in a given year group to take every reasonable measure to ensure that the behavior of all members of that year group is in keeping with the School’s regulations, policies and mission statement.

 Student Celebrations Policy
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