Photos, Video and Livestream

Details regarding Photographs and USB


There will be three photo booths close to the form rooms in the main building.

Photographers will be ready to begin taking individual photos of graduates in their full garments from 3:30 to 5 pm. Please arrive on time to avoid any potential queues. While waiting and queuing for photographs, face masks must be worn. They will be removed for the photograph only, on the instruction of the photographer.
Family gatherings and arrangements for photos and congratulations can be organized individually at home before coming to school. No other relative apart from the two declared will be allowed to school.
Photographers will be taking pictures during the ceremony as graduates receive their Leaving Certificates.
You will be able to choose your photographs online and place your order by email or by phone.
Spyrou Lamprou 11ª
T. 22662066
Komninos Photography
Additional pictures will be taken during the ceremony and may be ordered to the photographer with an additional cost of:
  • 15x20 cm - 2 euro
  • 20x25 cm - 3 euro
Live streaming and USB:
The ceremony will be live-streamed for parents and relatives, please share the following link and a video will be edited. The school will inform students and their families as soon as the USB is ready to be picked up from the school – by results day in August if not sooner.
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