Target Setting

All students from Year 2 to Year 7 have a target grade. For students in Years 2-3, the target grade is generated from the MidYIS baseline test that the students take in Year 1. For Year 1 students, data comes directly from the entrance examination results.

For students in Years 4 and 5, the target grade is based on the Yellis baseline test taken in Year 4. For Year 6-7 students, the target grade is determined by ALPS, which is based on students’ I/GCSE performance. Assessment grades uploaded on SIMS are then compared to target grades and the Assessment Manager will indicate three possible outcomes using colour coding:

a) Green colour showing that students are outperforming their target grade
b) Amber colour showing that students are achieving the target grade
c) Red colour that shows that students are performing below their target grade. In such cases, subject teachers in conjunction with the Head of Department, the Head of Year and the Form tutor will decide when and how to intervene to help a student improve his/her performance.

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