The Graduation Package

Information about the Graduation Ceremony 2021

                                                                                                                                                                                            16th June 2021

Dear parents/guardians and leavers,

You will have received the invitation about this year’s graduation ceremony. This year has been extremely challenging, especially for our graduating class. Please be assured that we are making every effort to ensure that the ceremony is as unique and memorable as each and every one of our 150 graduates.

Many of the arrangements are slightly different this year due to the format of the ceremony, and we have only a short time to make the necessary preparations in accordance with the official protocol. We therefore ask you to kindly read through the details below carefully.
Tickets / Seating for Parents / Guardians
As mentioned on the invitation, due to COVID-19 protocol, each leaver is entitled to 2 seats for parents/guardians. Names will be assigned to a seating plan, as per Ministry instructions.
Seats must be booked by following and completing the form accordingly. Seats will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis and on the side where your son/daughter will be seated according to their form group.
The booking form will open from Thursday 17th June at 5:00 pm and will close on Monday 21st June at 5:00 pm. please find the instructions attached including if you have forgotten your password.
There are enough seats for everyone, the booking is to ensure we have details of our parents/guardians for the seating plan. On the day of the collection of graduation garments (information below), you will receive your entrance/seating tickets for the ceremony.

The Graduation Package
The English School Leavers will wear a traditional cap, gown and stole.
The Graduation Package (price already included in school fees) includes:

  • The rental of the Graduation attire (gown, cap and stole, and a 2020 tassel as a memorable souvenir)
  • A set of three photographs
    • 20x25 of the Graduate in his/her Graduation attire
    • 20x25 of the Graduate and his/her friends and/or form class
    • 15x20 of the Graduate receiving his/her leaving certificate
  • A USB with a video edited from the ceremony and live streaming.
Family photographs can be taken at home or at the school before or after the ceremony at your convenience. However, parents/guardians must be seated by 7:15 and leavers must be in their positions, in line together with their form group for the official entrance. The ceremony will start at 7:30 pm
Collection of Graduation Package:
Collection of gowns will be at the Drama room (Mobile in front of the main entrance of Lloyds building), on the following days:
  • Thursday, 24th June between 9.00 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. (ONLY 7B, 7G, 7J)
  • Friday, 25th June between 09.00 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. (ONLY  7R, 7W, 7Y)
The official rehearsal will be on Tuesday 29th of June at 10 am on the school ground Newham quadrangle. All leavers should try to attend the rehearsal.
Return of Graduation Garment:
Graduates will return their gown, cap and stole immediately before leaving the Graduation Ceremony. They should wear the Graduation attire on arrival at school in order to take individual, friends and Form pictures with the photographer.

The 2020 Tassel is a gift as a memorable souvenir.

There will be a return station visible next to the Newham Building Quadrangle.

Members of the Student Council and some student volunteers will manage these return stations.  Leavers must return their full set and ensure they sign the Return Form. 

We would like to emphasise that this is a formal occasion and all students are expected to attend in their formal school uniform.  Leavers are required to wear under their gowns: a white school shirt with collar or a white formal collared shirt, school tie, and trousers or skirt. (Girls cannot wear a skort).  All must wear black shoes. Boys should be clean-shaven. Flowers and Jewellery should not be worn on the Gown.

Details regarding Photographs and USB

Plan to be at the school two hours before the ceremony starts. 
Photographers will be ready with three (3) photo booths to begin taking individual photos of Leavers in their full garments from 4:30 pm. Please arrive on time to avoid any potential queues.
Photographers will be taking pictures during the ceremony as graduates receive their Leaving Certificates.
You will be able to choose your photographs online and place your order by email or by phone.
Spyrou Lamprou 11ª
T. 22662066
Komninos Photography
Leaver’s package includes:
1 picture 20x25 Graduate alone with gown/graduation garment
1 picture 15x20 Graduate getting Leaving Certificates
1 picture 20x25 Graduate with friends or form group
Additional pictures will be taken during the ceremony and may be ordered to the photographer with an additional cost of:
  • 15x20 cm - 2 euro
  • 20x25 cm - 3 euro

Live streaming and USB:
The ceremony will be live-streamed for relatives (information will follow) and a video will be edited by a professional editor.  The school will inform leavers and their families as soon as the USB is ready to be picked up from the school – by results day in August if not sooner.
We are at your disposal for anything further regarding the above arrangements.
Parking arrangements and other logistic details will be sent shortly.
Thank you for your cooperation,
A M Tellalis 
On behalf of The Graduation Committee

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