Our vision

  • To provide an opportunity for all students at The English School to develop social and personal skills, enabling them to function as effective citizens at school and beyond, and to support them in achieving their full academic potential.
  • To provide a Pastoral Programme that creates an environment where all students are actively responsible for their own conduct and development, and to ensure that they are emotionally literate, resilient and able to effectively deal with situations both in their personal life and in their education.
  • To provide emotional support when students need it, within the boundaries of our professional capabilities, and to refer them to the appropriate people when their requirements exceed these boundaries.

About the Pastoral Programme

Our aim is to ensure that every student at The English School is equipped and provided with the necessary support, so that he or she can achieve their maximum potential. We also pride ourselves on the belief that the education we provide at The English School reaches further than exam success. We provide our students with an education for life.
A number of activities are organised each year which aim at providing our young people with opportunities to develope their character, personality and life skills. At the same time they are encouraged to promote respect and tolerance to diversity.
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