Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing
Our Priority
At The English School we believe in promoting and supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of all members of the School community. Our main concern is also that every student is aware of the support he or she can access as well as learn about the strategies that are available to support overall wellbeing and mindfulness.

Our School has a robust system of support. All students are monitored and supported by a structure that includes their Form Tutor, Head of Year, the relevant Assistant Head and a professional counsellor. We also will make referrals to outside professionals as the need arises.
In addition, embedded within our PSHCE programme, we promote strategies for Wellbeing. Our policy on  Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing  as well as other related policies  are also designed to ensure every student’s wellbeing is catered for.

Here are some practical steps and guidelines available through links to apps and related websites:


This app contains practical advice for dealing with anxiety
This is useful for coping with stress, anxiety and sadness
Easy to use app for addressing anxiety issues
Smiling Mind
Stop, breathe and think
How to breathe:
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