The Pastoral Programme

Pastoral Care

Staff Name Code Title Email
Mr. Stuart Walker SWA Headmaster 
Pastoral care of Years 6 and 7
Ms Anne-Marie Tellalis  AMT Pastoral care of Years 4 and 5
Ms Elena Igantiou EIG Pastoral care of Years 1 to 3
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Heads of Year
Ms Shura Economou ECO Head of Year 7
Dr Eva Polyviou EPO Head of Year 6
Ms Niki Melanidou NME Head of Year 5
Ms Ioanna Nicolaou ION Head of Year 4
Ms Katie Demetriou KDE Head of Year 3
Ms Leonie Hadjithoma LHA Head of Year 2
Ms Elena Chrysanthou Yiatrou CHU Head of Year 1

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