School Life

Happiness is a BBQ with dear friends, colleagues and students.
Special End-Of-Year Assembly
Making learning fun.  A joint departmental initiative: DT and Music Department. Our Year 1 will use instruments created during their DT lessons to play Spooky music developed during the Music lessons. 
Year 2 Assembly - Anti-Smoking Projects
Smoking is not a joke, but the fact that people are making BILLIONS of dollars by selling something that slowly and painfully kills others is bordering on ridiculous – Unknown. 
Adopting a Family for Easter

I believe the world is one big family, and we need to HELP EACH OTHER – Unknown. 


Year 4 Geography Fieldtrip to Switzerland
Learning, yet having fun at the Year 4 Geography Fieldtrip in Switzerland.
Sports Awards Ceremony
Friday, 24th June, was a spectacular evening with honoring our athletes. 
Graduation Ceremony
The Graduation Ceremony took place on Tuesday 28th June 2016.  It was a spectacular evening, with inspiration speeches, mesmerising musical interludes and many award winners. We bid farewell to amazing group of students. A close of one chapter, the beginning of a new one.  We wish our graduates all the best for their future! 
News from our Design and Technology Club
Congratulations to two of our students from the Design and Technology Club, for winning 3rd Prize (Joint) at this year's 'TEKE' Competition! We are so very proud!

The English Institute

Better English for a Better Future Experience has taught us a great deal: how to choose our teachers, how to create an ideal learning environment, and how to prepare our students for examinations - with excellent results.

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University Entry Department

Careers & University Entry
Securing a University place at a competitive University is the ultimate ambition of our students and acceptance at a top University requires much more than just good A Level grades.   

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